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All I told the guy, looking angrily at me, was that he should keep his voice down, as I do not like people shouting when they talk. He seemed not to like the advise, although he didn’t have the balls to challenge me. But if looks can kill…

ABOUT Morak Babajide-Alabi

I am Morakinyo Babajide-Alabi, a journalist by training and profession.

I am a social media practitioner, digital marketer and search engine optimisation professional. This is besides my primary job description as journalist and writer.

I studied Mass Communication, with bias towards Print Journalism. After graduation I cut my journalism teeth from March  1992 with the  “Flagship of Nigerian Journalism” The Guardian Newspapers Limited. I started off as a Production Sub Editor with responsibility, among others, of ensuring copies appearing in the daily newspaper meet the house styles, while also ensuring production scheduels are met.

I started my professional career under the tutelage of the best journalists in Nigeria at this time. From the managing director, the editorial board chairman to the editor of the African Guardian, daily, Sunday, Saturday and Metro editions, they were the best in the industry and impacted so much on me and my progression in the profession.

After seven years with The Guardian at The Rutam House and witnessing how unbelievably “horrible” journalism practise became during the military regimes, I tried something else outside journalism. I was opportuned to work with international elections monitors during the ‘very important’ 1999 General Elections that ushered in the ‘Third Republic’ in Nigeria.

Not long after, I found my way back to journalism and went ahead to write and edit notable journals and newspapers in Nigeria, among which are Third Eye, The Comet, Compuworld and Tell Magazine.

At the turn of the millennium, I relocated to the United Kingdom with my family for better prospects and a fulfilment of a life long yearning to live in the West.

With a desire for further education and knowledge in the field, I undertook a Masters degree in Journalism in 2005/2006 session at Napier University, Edinburgh. This experience gave me the opportunity to interact with other practising journalists from around the world in a class setting. After this, I have written for and edited international titles.

I write a weekly column – Diaspora Matters –  for Nigeria’s leading Sunday newspaper – Sunday Vanguard. I am also the Executive Editor of the “Everlasting” Magazine, an annual publication of the Leeds based charity,  RCCGEFALeeds.

By “design” I am a health information management specialist. I was involved in DeMiTAG HealthConcepts Limited, a health information management company with branches in London, Lagos and Abuja. The company is in the forefront of revolutionising the Nigerian health information sector. DeMiTAG HealthConcepts Limited is partner to Avia Informatics Plc and i2i TeleSolutions Pvt.

I enjoy reading, writing, designs and generally bringing “objects” to life.

I am a family man, married to a beauty consultant, political science graduate from the University of Ibadan, with a M.Sc degree in Information Science from the Leeds University, United Kingdom. A mother, friend and very religious partner whose love for God and the family is immeasurable.

I am a father to three most wonderful children. These are the products of my over seventeen years marriage to Abiola. They are all God-fearing children that I am immensely proud of.

I love my family and I believe, after God, my wife and children are the centre of my life existence. To put mildly, they give me so much joy everyday. Spending time with them is vital to me.

You are welcome to my blog. Postings in this blog are most likely to be stories I have sympathies for. Therefore, readers are forewarned that I shall not pretend to be super human without bias. We all do.

Thank you for stopping by and having a look.

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