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Burundi Police Tear-gas Anti-Pierre Nkurunziza Protesters


Who ever says these African leaders do not have same blood running in their systems is wrong. They act same way, behave same way and care less about what the citizens feel. The Third Term project of Nigeria’s former president Olusegun Obasanjo is still fresh in mind. Here is another African leader aspiring to go against the two-term provision in the constitution to fulfil his selfish desire to cling to power. Babajide

Reports below is culled from BBC News website

Police in Burundi have fired tear gas at activists protesting against President Pierre Nkurunziza’s decision to run for a third term in office.

The security forces have also stopped private radio stations from doing live broadcasts about the demonstrations.

Thousands have defied a ban on protests to take to the streets of the capital Bujumbura for a second day.

At least three people were killed on Sunday as police shot live ammunition in the air to disperse them.

Prominent human rights activist Pierre Claver Mbonimpa has been arrested in the building of the local press association.

He had previously asked the ruling party not to put the president up for a third term in June’s election, arguing that it would be a violation of the constitution.

In the Cibitoke neighbourhood, where some of the most violent clashes have been taking place, thousands came out to protest.

The road was black from burnt tires. Riot police and soldiers were everywhere. Protestors told us the police had been firing live rounds, and handed us a bullet case for proof. The presidency denies security forces ever used live fire.

Police using tear-gas to disperse the protesters | PHOTO: REUTERS

Police using tear-gas to disperse the protesters | PHOTO: REUTERS

In the same neighbourhood a young man told us his father was killed on Sunday by people he believes are pro-government militia men. If this is true, it is the type of development that many have been dreading: The involvement of armed civilians in the electoral row.

At his nomination by a special congress of the governing CNDD-FDD on Saturday, President Nkurunziza warned:

“Whoever wants to create problems with the ruling party elected by the people, he’ll find himself in trouble,” Reuters reported.

The United States has condemned the president’s bid for a third term saying in a press statement that the country is “losing an historic opportunity to strengthen its democracy”.

On Sunday, protesters pelted police with stones……who used tear gas to disperse them.

Mr Nkurunziza, a former rebel leader, has served two terms as president, coming to the office at the end of the conflict.

Burundi’s constitution only allows the president to be elected twice. But Mr Nkurunziza’s supporters argue he is eligible for another term since he was appointed by parliament in 2005.

The opposition says the bid threatens a peace deal that ended the 12-year civil war in 2005.

More than 300,000 people died in the conflict between the minority Tutsi-dominated army and mainly Hutu rebel groups, such as Mr Nkurunziza’s CNDD-FDD.

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