For Trump, It’s One Day, Many Troubles

by Morak Babajide-Alabi
There has been no time as now that the Presidency of the United States of America has been the largest generator of news and content for media and comedy sketches around the world. There is actually nothing strange in America leading the news pack considering her position as the most powerful country, so naturally a large percentage of world news and commentaries should come from her leaders’ actions and inactions. The disturbing development in recent times, however, is that most of what emanates from the seat of power in the country are not as encouraging as they were, or should be. read more

Massive London Fire Traps Many In Homes, Screams Heard From Upper Floors

My heart goes out to victims, families and the people of London on this fire incident. Although, no time is ideal, but this particular incident, coming just a few weeks after the heartless terrorists attack on innocent people on the London Bridge and surrounding areas. London, reputed to be the most accomodating city in the world is definitely going through a not so good phase. While this is not a terrorist attack, it is saddening it happened in a tower block that was home to many families.

I remember there were calls for a review of the safety plans in all tower blocks all over the country some years ago. While I am not priviledged to the success of the calls or initiatives, it is instructive that some of the inhabitants of these blocks are dangers to themselves, by their total disregard for health and safety. And most times, because of the inadequate housing facilities, especially in London, they are over crowded with every space crammed up.
Let us remember everyone in our prayers.
– Morakinyo Babajide read more

Corbyn, Be Proud, Be Very Proud, No Matter The Result

By Morakinyo Babajide-Alabi

Today, the 8th of June, 2017, Britons head to the polls to elect a new government to lead them for the next five years. This General Election will go down as one of the most unique and tension-filled in recent history of the country.

As voters march towards the various polling units all over the country, there is no doubt that the thought of the majority will be to elect a strong leader who will be bold enough to face off to the unpredictability of the future as experienced in the past weeks in the country and by extension all over the world. The days and weeks leading on to today have been very tortuous as residents witnessed more terrorists’ attacks in the period than they could ever have imagined in years. read more

A Night of Senseless Attacks in London

by Morakinyo Babajide-Alabi

May I first apologise for my unusual long absence from writing in the past weeks. I must confess, I have been overwhelmed by events in the United Kingdom and the rest of the world in recent times. In my beloved Great Britain, there have been tears, blood and sorrow as aftermath of evil deeds perpetrated by equally evil minds.

It was not long ago that peace loving individuals of different faiths, colours and backgrounds, from all over the world were mourning the killing of innocent people in Manchester. They had gone out on the night to enjoy themselves, smile and spend precious moments with their loved ones. But the evil mind was at work and he succeeded in sniffing lives out of innocent people. read more

Evil Man Disrupts UK’s Peace By Terror Attack

By Morak Babajide-Alabi

Terror came calling in the United Kingdom once again. It did not come in daytime. It did not come when everyone was sleeping. It came at prime time when it knew maximum damage to the physical and psyche of the people and friends of Great Britain could be done.

Just like the coward it is, terror used the cover of the night to unleash damage on innocent people, most of whom, unfortunately, are just starting their lives. It came to shatter the peace of a city that is known world wide for tolerance. It came, and it took the future of many away. It came when people were having fun and looking forward to the start of a new week. read more

The Marijuana Promise of LibDem, The travails of Corbyn

by Morakinyo Babajide-Alabi

I cannot say with certainty, but I have a feeling that Jeremy Corbyn, the United Kingdom Labour Party leader, has had the most turbulent reign in the history of political parties leadership.  It is no news that since his ascension of the leadership position in 2015, he has been moving from one crisis to the other. Some of these crises he has managed (only managed) to scrape through, while some are still lingering. And to say here again that his misfortunes are internally generated is to state the obvious. read more