Your Eyes Are Not Mine, by Morak Babajide-Alabi

Your Eyes Are Not Mine

by Morak Babajide-Alabi

In all, we do we are always striving to view life in a better perspective. This is natural. In life, we always look for an advantage spot to view life from. No matter the reality of what we may be facing, or have faced, apart from hope, vision is another strong lead. I am not speaking about divine vision. I am talking about physical vision. While hope is the fuel that keeps us going and imagining that a better day still lies ahead, no matter what we may be going through, vision gives us the platform to see this hope in action.

So we must always stand where we can have a good view of life. I have heard people say life is a game(?) Is it really? Life is not a game, but one that has to be lived. Now back to the fact that in life we need a good stand to have a better view of goings-on. You don’t go to the cinema to sit behind a giant that is obscuring your view of the screen. Or turn your back to the screen. No. Our natural tendency is once we get into a cinema, a stadium or even in meeting rooms, we seek the best seat where we can see the actions going on, unobstructed. This is because we don’t want to know the actions from second-hand tales. We want to see what’s happening by ourselves and be able to make our judgements. This is how life is. Have you seen a man or woman in a cinema who prefers a verbal illustration of what is happening on-screen from a friend rather than view directly?

At the same time, have you noticed that mostly shy and insecure people tend to sit at the back? Those who are not sure of themselves make sure they are not in the focus. Even in an empty hall, they will still take a natural position at the back of the hall.

However, so many people rather than see what’s happening in life directly prefer to see through the eyes of others. When we should take the decision we seek others to do on our behalf. When we are to take a stand we look to see where others stand before we decide. When we should be laughing and joyous, we tend to look at the situation of people around us and mellow down.

How many times people have put themselves in situations they are not supposed to be. Will you stand up today and act rather than react. The world is full of too many people who wait to react rather than act, people who see the world through their neighbours, friends and colleagues. The world is full of people who rather than make phone calls to change the world, will rather wait for one call so they can make the next move.

The world is full of people who are so happy to be led rather lead. So for every decision, they are to make they seek approval from the world.
Are you seeing the world through YOUR own eyes? Or are you living life in the shadow of someone else’s eye? Are you always waiting for the second opinion before you take THE decision? It’s time for a change.






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