Today is one of the days when I am really short for words to express how grateful I am for all that is happening in my life. Today, my baby girl Tammy is a decade old.

Tammy is a destiny girl who has come to complete our family. I remember 10 years ago in Edinburgh when this beautiful girl came into this world. I recollect her first cry immediately she breathed the first air. My joy knew no bounds when I was handed the surgical scissors to cut the umbilical cord. And with a big swag I caught the umbilical cord.

Ever since this, Tammy and I have been the best of friends and enjoy the best of father and daughter relationship. I am proud seeing her growing up.

There are so many activities I am remembering about Tammy. I am emotional when I remember Tammy’s first day in the nursery. Despite my assurances, I could “hear” the unasked question in her eyes. She was asking inaudibly why I had to leave her with strangers. She wouldn’t let go of my hands. However, with gentle words I eased myself off her and turned to leave her, by herself, for the first time since birth. On my way out of the nursery I allowed myself the luxury of a drop of tear.

So also was the first attendance at the Primary School in Edinburgh and many more activities that I led her into.

The baby of yesterday is grown up now. She is the one reminding me that “Daddy? I am no longer a baby”. How time flies.

Happy birthday, sweetheart.

Daddy loves you, dearly.

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