If Liam Fox is Nigerian

I watch with real sympathy, Dr Liam Fox, the UK Defence Secretary. I grieve with him as he tries to clear himself by admitting mistakes were made.  His case is not made anything simple by the revelations of the individuals and firms that bankrolled his best man’s numerous trips in unofficial capacity as “Adviser to the Defence Secretary”.

And more damaging is the fact that there is another “unofficial adviser” to him. David Cameron, rather than be a little tactful about this, has been going about in his usual arrogant manner by his response to accusation of been weak, indirectly claiming “greatness” as his leadership quality.

But wait a minute, would Liam Fox rather not wish he is a Nigerian now? If it were in Nigeria, who cares if he takes his best man on official trips? In Nigeria he could put his family members on official visit lists and no eyebrows are raised.

Would he rather not want to be a citizen of such a country. Well… maybe not. Liam Fox is a gentleman who I believe is doing a good job in the defence ministry. I think a man of his calibre is what the UK needs for the job.

In Nigeria do you ever hear queries about ministerial itinerary or the entourage?  In Nigeria, nobody queries governors who embark on needless, money wasting trips abroad. Nobody bats an eyelid if governors or ministers decide to go with wives, mistresses or house girls. No.

And is anybody still wondering why Nigeria is backward and the Citizens wallowing in poverty? The answers are not far fetched. Our political leaders are not responsible to the people who elected them.

Dr. Fox, my heart goes out to you as you hold on to your dear “political” life.

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