Bali ... Raheem Agbaje Salami, one of the Nigerians slated for execution in Indonesia, was granted a preliminary hearing in the State Administrate Court in Jakarta, challenging the president’s rejection of his clemency. Picture: Supplied Source: Supplied

Indonesia: Nigerian Drug Convict Offers To Donate Organ After Execution

Story by Paul Joohey

ONE of the men slated to be executed along with Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran has asked that his organs be donated to Indonesian people in need.
The offer was made by Nigerian death row candidate Raheem Agbaje Salami, who has served his time in Madiun Prison in the east Java province.
He is set to be transferred to the prison island of Nusakambangan for execution.

Tempo online reported that Salami, who was caught bringing 5.3kg of heroin through Surabaya airport, said he wanted his eyes and kidneys to be donated once he was shot by firing squad in coming days.

Salami’s spiritual adviser told Tempo that the Nigerian was ready to die, but wanted his death to mean something.

Titus Tri Wibowo also said Raheem had written to authorities saying he wished to be buried in the Catholic part of a cemetery in Madiun.
Raheem, said Wibowo, had a final request was that he be allowed to make a phone call to his family in Nigeria before he was shot.

Hundreds of Nigerians are serving time in Indonesian prisons. Nine, including Salami, are on death row. Their families typically cannot afford to visit them in Indonesia.

In 1999, Salami was sentenced to a life term by the Surabaya District Court for bringing 5.3kg of heroin through Surabaya airport.
In 2006, the Supreme Court upgraded his sentence to death.

“Raheem is very concerned about his fellow inmates,” Wibowo told Tempo. “He teaches them how to learn English. He always comes to the church.”
The prison island of Nusakambangan has poor medical facilities. It is not known whether Salami’s wish to donate his organs could be enabled.

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