Its Harvest Time

Welcome to Harvest 2011

It is the time of the year when we “celebrate” thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is synonymous with harvest. It is when the time when you are supposed to have the harvest of whatever you have sowed. After a hard look at your harvest, you now give thanks to the Almighty God for blessing your seed and causing you to have harvest.

Harvests come in various forms. It may be farm produce, job, wages, children. Whatever, it is to you, the most important is to have something to harvest. Not having anything to harvest is the greatest crime against oneself. May we all have good harvest, in Jesus’ name. I remember the words of my pastor, Pastor Samuel Obafaiye who on Sunday said not making any effort in life is criminal. He said, though sometimes we make efforts, we may not see the profits immediately, but at one point in our lives we reap from the efforts.

It is in line with the spirit of harvest that the kids’ primary school today celebrated the Harvest 2011. It was a big one. The future leaders entertained us all.  It is a church-controlled school so you can imagine the efforts that would have been out into organising the event to impact on the children the reason why we celebrate harvest and also thanksgiving.

To the lovely kids and the teachers, this is to let you know we really enjoyed the songs, poems and words.




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