Libyans Loved Ghadaffi, So..., by Morak Babajide-Alabi

Libyans Loved Ghadaffi, So…

By Morak Babajide-Alabi

It’s a few days after Ghadaffi, the king of Libyan kings was killed by his countrymen. The same countrymen that he told us earlier in the year loved him. I still remember that interview. He said in his typical arrogant voice: “My people, love, me.”

His people really loved him to the extent one of them had to put a bullet through his head to help him out of his misery. The guy loved him so much he knew he would suffer a lot if not taken out. So to demonstrate the love he pulled the trigger in him.

Ghadaffi was deluded. No doubt. But he was sure of one thing – the love of his “people”. The people loved him. Did you see how many thousands of Libyans filed up to see his corpse in the Market Freezer. This is love. Some took pictures of him laying stone dead, with the bullets wounds. The pictures will continually remind them of a leader they were in love with. What a love?

To further demonstrate this love, Ghadaffi’s people had to bury him in a secret place. I am sure Ghadaffi would be smiling and proud of himself for knowing that his people loved him.

But why do African leaders deceive themselves? They always believe the masses love them, even when it is glaring they are out of favour.

Is a guy like Goodluck Jonathan of Nigeria still in tune with the masses that voted for him? Does he believe the people still love him like they did before the election? If he does, he is as deluded as Ghadaffi.

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