My Friend is My Enemy

Still on this subject of relationships. After my last post I had a discussion with a friend who berated me that no matter what may happen relationships should be sustained rather than abandoned. I quite agree with this and had to point out to him that my idea is that you strive to maintain a positive and productive relationship and not stay in one just because you want to sustain it.

Before I go further, I need to clarify that the type of relationship I am writing about is not the man/woman marriage relationship. It is the friendship relationship (if these words combination is allowed).

Friendships are formed most times on the things that are common to both parties in the relationship. What comes to mind easily is the Biblical saying that can two walk together except they agree? So for a relationship to be successful there must have been a common ground for its foundation. There is no disputing the fact that the foundation may be faulty for one reason or the other. And we are told once the foundation of a house is faulty no matter how beautiful the edifice you erect on it, there is the possibility of collapse.

Many of us build our friendships on our SELFISH demands. These may be economical, social, political or religious. And in some cases emotional reasons. However, we need ask ourselves as we strive in the relationship, what is the motive of my friend? There is possibility you have developed a relationship for economic reasons while your partner’s motive for coming into it is emotional. Obviously there is no way you can walk on the same path. It is when the motives clash that there is bound to be heartache, disappointments and bitterness.

There are relationships built to exploit. This, unfortunately is the most common type of relationships nowadays. This is whereby a partner is used to achieve selfish goals. Whereas a partner is putting his or her whole mind into the relationship, the other is rejoicing on the “cheap” use of his/her talents or gifts. And most times both think they are equal in the relationship.

Are you in an exploitative relationship? The signs are clear. However if you do not know, the first is, you are remembered ONLY when you are needed to do something. At this time you are the hottest cake in town, your weaknesses may be played upon just to achieve the set goals.

I will outline more in subsequent posts on relationship.

Meanwhile, enjoy a very beautiful Sunday. Make it to your local church and praise YOUR God. Mine is worthy to be praised.






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