Nigerian ‘leaders’ should do the right thing – Self amputation to stop them stealing

I read this piece below which was originally published in the Huffington Post (UK) and instinctively my mind went to Nigerian politicians. Nigerian politicians are reputed to be the most corrupt in the world. it is reported that an average Nigerian politician desires power not to contribute anything tangible to the development of the nation, but to steal state funds, build estates, buy private jets and amass as much wealth as possible while in office.

When I read this story, my heart really went out to the guy in question. he has realised his weakness and decided to “exterminate” the “culprit(s)”. However, the situation is quite different as related to Nigerian politicians. In Nigeria, politicians steal and they regard this as a perk of office. but come to think of it, this stealing “trait” of Nigerian politicians may actually be of psychological or emotional disorder.

This may be why they care less about how they steal these funds. This is why they care less if they make any impact in the lives of the citizens or not. Their psyche is “sick” (permission to combine these words). They have been mismanaging the country’s economy for many years. To me, all Nigerian politicians should be advised to self amputate. It will rid them of their stealing “tool”. The only problem with this is, Nigerian politicians also steal with their minds. So how do we treat this?

Please read this and place Ali Afifi in context.
Happy weekend.

Ali Afifi, Egyptian Man Addicted To Stealing Cuts Off Own Hands In Line With Sharia Law
Huffington Post UK | By Sara C Nelson


A habitual thief who was left so ashamed by his uncontrollable urge to steal, took the drastic step of cutting off his own hands.

Ali Afifi is believed to have been motivated by Sharia law when he amputated both hands in separate incidents.

The Egyptian lost his first hand by holding it under the wheels of a train five years ago.

Ali Afifi amputated both of his hands after being unable to stop stealing
His shocked father had him institutionalised, but the 28-year-old repeated the action with the other hand upon his release.

Afifi, who posed for these pictures this week, is said to have asked a Muslim scholar to sever his hands because he could not stop stealing “after losing the war against the devil,” Emirates 247 reported last year.

Afifi said: “But the Sheikh refused my request, saying he is not a ruler or in a decision-making position to take such a decision… he advised me to repent and seek God’s help… I then decided to cut my hands off.”

Describing his addiction as a “disease”, Afifi began stealing lunches from friends as a child, before moving onto items in shops, mobile phones and gold jewellery, the Mail Online reveals.

Afifi’s self-inflicted punishment is said to have been inspired by Sharia law
Sharia law is practised in many strict Muslim countries and typically involves harsh punishments for murder, theft and adultery.

Interpretation of the law can vary between cultures, but it is commonly agreed the punishment prescribed for theft is the removal of the thief’s hand.

“[As for] the thief, the male and the female, amputate their hands in recompense for what they earned [i.e. committed] as a deterrent [punishment] from Allaah. And Allaah is Exalted in Might and Wise,” Islam Web cites the Koran as saying.

Amputation for habitual stealing is still practiced in countries such as Iran, Saudi Arabia and northern Nigeria, the Inquisitr points out.

The Egyptian courts have not permitted judicial amputations for many years, though last year an MP called for the application of Islamic law for certain crimes.

“This is God’s law and is not optional,” said Adel Azzazy.








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