Nigeria's Buhari says government is short of money

Nigeria’s Buhari says government is short of money


I am not surprised by the President’s new song of “no money”. I had predicted this a few months before the elections that this would be the excuse for a President elected with the expectation of change. This is expected, going by the country’s tradition of trading blames instead of getting cracking on the work of governance.

It seems Nigerians are seeing through this gimmick though, as public opinions on the new president is gradually changing. Many citizens who had expected a “miraculous” change are seriously disappointed that three weeks after inauguration, Mr President has not appointed key officials to help run the government. All we see in newspapers are photographs of the president on his farm, visiting the cows, and also of him settling down to work in his office.

This BBC NEWS story is another of the many complainst of the new president. I am however impressed by this sentence in the story – “The president appears to be trying to lower the expectations of voters, correspondents say.” This the summation of all the government’s cries. When are Nigerians going to understand that the Buhari of the eighties was propped up by Tunde Idiagbon? The sooner we understand this, the better.

BBC News Story  Below –

Nigeria’s treasury is “virtually empty”, President Muhammadu Buhari has said.

His government had inherited millions of dollars worth of debt from the previous administration, he said at a media briefing.

“It is such a disgrace for Nigeria,” Mr Buhari added.

The president and his All Progressives Congress won elections in March, ending some 16 years of rule by the Peoples Democratic Party.

He was sworn in less than four weeks ago, taking over from Goodluck Jonathan, who had been in office since 2010.

Mr Buhari said some government workers had not been paid for months.

He was due to meet state governors to discuss the crisis.

“This bad management we find ourselves in – we really need your help to protect us from people before they march on us,” Mr Buhari told journalists.

The president appears to be trying to lower the expectations of voters, correspondents say.

He won the elections on a promise to tackle corruption, and to lead Nigeria to greater prosperity.

Nigeria is Africa’s biggest oil producer, but most of its citizens are poor.



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