Numbers … Surviving By Them

I was musing recently and my mind keeps thinking about numbers. What is it about numbers?

Do you realise that our lives are more or less ruled by numbers? Right from when we wake up to when we go to sleep.

We need numbers to have a successful life. As a result we have to stuff our heads with as many numbers so as to sail through the day without hitches.
Imagine yourself waking up early in the morning. You reach for your phone to see whats going on. You need a passcode to access your phone. So immediately your brain recalls the numbers that you need to gain access. Bingo and the phone comes alive.

You get off the bed and shuffle yourself to bathroom. Brushed your teeth, stepped in the shower. And here again you need to chose the correct number on the shower so you do not run risk of a cold or extremely hot shower. You did what you had to do.

Back to the phone there was a message that you call a certain number for a delivery you are expecting. So what do you do again? You key the numbers into the keypad to make the call and discuss the time of the day a redelivery will be ideal. You play on the numbers again. Will it be before 12 noon or after 1pm? Numbers.

You step out of the house whistling your favourite tune when all of a sudden you realise that you will need some cash amount to sort you out through the day. Immediately your brain goes into drive and you start “working” out the right card to draw the money from. As you approach the ATM, the PIN numbers of the numerous credit/debit cards flash through your head. You need the numbers to access your funds.

Here we are at the office. You need another set of numbers to gain access. So your brain has to scramble the door code to gain access. It all depends on your state of mind, sometimes you mix the numbers up on first attempt and have to key in twice before you can now seriously tune in your mind to the fact that you re in the office for another long day.

You can imagine from the brief illustration above how many times we have to recall numbers to have a successful hitch free life.
Imagine after work you have to discuss your broadband and phone with your provider. You call the provider and the automated voice prompts you to key in your home number, your account number, your house number, your security number before any human being can talk to you. God help you if you miss any number and you will have to start all over again. Finally you got to a human and the first task is to give your date of birth, without which you he/she will not attend to your enquiry.

Luckily you are done with your request and the operator says cooly over the phone, “Please take a pen and write down the reference number for this call”. Numbers.

So many numbers you have to stuff in the head to go through.







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