Who Will Tell Buhari The Truth? by Toks Clement Olowokere
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Who Will Tell Nigeria’s Buhari The Truth? By Toks Clement Olowokere

By Toks Clement Olowokere

I am one of the ardent supporters of President Muhammadu Buhari. But make no mistake, I have not been quiet in criticising him and this government, very critically indeed.

Should I apologise for my choice of Buhari? Hell no. We should not forget the gross mismanagement of the previous government of Goodluck Jonathan and its sheer waste of resources. The gluttonous nature was unprecedented. The ravenous nature is incomprehensible. All arms of the government were turned upside down. The Reuben Abatis, Okupes, Iboris, Dezianis and the likes were unprecedented breeds – the likes Nigeria had not seen before. When they were not looting the government, they were feeding the populace with gross misinformation.

The Jonathan government had resources to transform this country, but they decided to loot the country dry. Ask Dasuki and he would tell you more about this. They ignored the citizenry. The schools and hospitals became nonexistent while the officials flew abroad in private jets. Roads, what roads? They acquired flying machines and built walls to protect themselves from public prying eyes. They bought houses from running out of what to spend money on, creating artificial scarcity in the capital due to empty houses.

That was how we entered this bus. This One Chance Bus called Buhari. How would one know, that his One Nigeria means enslavement to Feudalism under the pretence of North domination because the north has dominated nothing?

Boko Haram is the reaction to acute poverty and a result of fake promises, and the illusion of religion to accept the way you are as the will of Allah while the other person and their children are chauffeured in a big toga and cars equipped like houses. The children of the north were so starved that they became hooked on methane from searching the drains for food. Children became deranged from poverty that their hallucinations made them patients with clerics for exorcising. It is a common sight to see them chained down and flogged to drive demons out of the victims.

Could that be the north we are afraid of? Do we not understand that they were converted to terrorism, banditry and kidnapping by the voracious looters that passed by? This notion has now been passed to this myopic clueless feudalist and his self-centred deceivers. This advocate of change swallowed it and working hard to maintain the feudal domination.

Who will tell Buhari that he is naked, that his cohorts are feeding him untruths?

That this house of cards called Nigeria is built on deceit and it is crumbling unfortunately under him. The hyenas have teamed up with mad dogs pulling his robes to shreds and his children are wielding sticks and clubs because they have discovered he is not their father. He is father to some and father to none. He wants to be left alone and tend to his cattle. But there is no peace in the land.

All is not completely lost. There’s still a chance, only if they will listen. Mercenary oriented security forces would have to be calmed, remove their blinkers, let them see they are at home, not a foreign land and they are killing their brothers and sisters. Not strangers.

This citizen-hoodlums must be shown a little bit of love. Sending one to prison, without charge, for allegedly stealing a missing loaf of bread is not love while the National Assembly is full with pot-bellied valium popping looters. The courts are not left out as they are ruled by a cavorting lady who goes with the highest bidder. Ministers of health, road, justice, power and others should rise to their callings and preach salvation, not by words, but by improving infrastructure and ease people’s lives. They should not sink collections(budget) in forests and septic tanks with no ‘shit’ that stinks to high heavens.

Maybe, and just maybe, redemption will come. Maybe we will get to the end of the tunnel and see that light!

I voted for Buhari, a one Nigeria apostle, hoping that dawn would come. The night is prolonged but salvation is not in the hands of PDP.

It is time for a new Nigeria, a loved and reformed police and security forces, well taken care of as citizens.

A Nigeria that does not go to clerics or clergy because there is no option but the heavenly. A new Nigeria where my voice matters where I live because I am a Nigerian and I have a duty to Nigeria.

That was the dream and we still dare to dream. So help me God.

 – Toks Clement Olowokere, a survey consultant, lives in London, United Kingdom.






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