Evil Man Disrupts UK’s Peace By Terror Attack

By Morak Babajide-Alabi

Terror came calling in the United Kingdom once again. It did not come in daytime. It did not come when everyone was sleeping. It came at prime time when it knew maximum damage to the physical and psyche of the people and friends of Great Britain could be done.

Just like the coward it is, terror used the cover of the night to unleash damage on innocent people, most of whom, unfortunately, are just starting their lives. It came to shatter the peace of a city that is known world wide for tolerance. It came, and it took the future of many away. It came when people were having fun and looking forward to the start of a new week.

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The Marijuana Promise of LibDem, The travails of Corbyn

by Morakinyo Babajide-Alabi

I cannot say with certainty, but I have a feeling that Jeremy Corbyn, the United Kingdom Labour Party leader, has had the most turbulent reign in the history of political parties leadership.  It is no news that since his ascension of the leadership position in 2015, he has been moving from one crisis to the other. Some of these crises he has managed (only managed) to scrape through, while some are still lingering. And to say here again that his misfortunes are internally generated is to state the obvious.

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Social shopping: How to use social media analytics to quantify purchase intent

With millions of consumers talking about their shopping experiences on social channels, columnist Ben Cockerell explains why social media insights are necessary for measuring purchase intent.

Marketers today have advanced technologies at their fingertips to gain a deeper understanding of their potential customers. They use keyword performance metrics to learn how customers are finding them and attribution modeling to follow customers’ paths to conversions. But tracking what happens before the customer ever clicks your ad or visits your website to make a purchase is still a mystery to many marketers.

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LibDem’s Farron Campaigns To Replace Labour As Opposition Party

By Morakinyo Babajide-Alabi
The campaigns for the June 8 election called by Prime Minister Theresa May has kicked off. The various political parties’ leaders are not wasting any time to establish themselves in the hearts of the electorates. As expected and typical of election periods, they have been criss-crossing the length and breath of the country, knocking on doors and handing out flyers.

For the Conservatives, the goal is to extend Theresa’s term in office – the main reason why the election was called. No one can fault the PM and her advisers on the timing of this election. They have the cards on the table and it is their choice to pick and choose.

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