Zimbabwe Shall Be Free

By Morak Babajide-Alabi

My heart goes out, at this time in history, to the people of Zimbabwe who are as confused, as a nation, as one can get it. As the world looks on in anticipation of a peaceful resolution of the current impasse in the country, the citizens go on their knees praying for a miracle to happen.

They had woken up last week to the sounds of soldiers’ marching boots and a parade of artillery on the streets. Although confused at what this might mean, the majority of them took to the streets in jubilations and excitement, that “the” change might have finally come. They had, like observers outside the country, mistaken the parade of tanks on the streets for a military coup and the end of the authoritarian rule of 93-year old Robert Mugabe. read more

In UK, Politicians Lust In The Paradise

By Morak Babajide-Alabi
It’s been a roller coaster of events in the United Kingdom in the past two or three weeks. We have been regaled with “drama episodes”, from the ridiculous to the shocking and life-changing happenings that one could not have imagined. It is been walking and reading from “Paradise Papers” to Hollywood sex assaults-themed bestsellers.

We were happy though that BREXIT, which had dominated the news for a better part of the year, disappeared from radar for a while. We were relieved of the burden of seeing David Davis, BREXIT Secretary; contradict himself and his principal Theresa May, the Prime Minister, on policy issues. read more

Still Hoping To ‘Collect’ Change? Not With These Lots

By Morak Babajide-Alabi

This is the third week in a row that I shall be writing on Nigeria in this column. This is no big deal as my patriotism has overwhelmed me and not allowed the thoughts of abandoning my dear country. At least, not at a seemingly struggling time in her life, when the leaders are bereft of ideas on what to do.

I am not going to join the band of pretenders that have found it hard to accept the fact that the country is on course to nowhere. I am tired, also, trying to convince people that ship ‘Motherland’ is stuck in the middle of the ocean and the present captains, just like the set they sent packing, lack basic ideas of nautical position, direction, distance, and depth, talk less of applying them to practical navigation. It will take more than a crash course in navigation to get out. read more

Who Will Save This Giant?

By Morak Babajide-Alabi

He is the Giant. And not called a giant for fun sake. The potentials of this big frame were discovered early in his life. He walked heads and shoulders far above others born around the same time as he was. He appeared brave everywhere he showed up and in a short while, became the protector of mates, young and old, defending them from abusers and oppressors.

His frame was of a good advantage to which he made use of. He was a good farmer of yams, cocoa, groundnuts, cassava, oranges, beans etc. As a giant, he was also endowed with supernatural powers which enabled him to sense where he could explore for resources. Day and night, he was probing into the dry places, seeking new opportunities. Not too long, he struck a pot of gold that was hidden somewhere deep down in the ground. read more