Love is pretty

Hate is ugly

Opposite words, yet relational

Only a thin line separates love and hate


People fall in love

People fall out of love

People share thoughts, one moment

And people are together, yet so distant

This is the love-hate affair


It’s hard to fall in love, some say.

Equally, it’s so easy to fall out of love, some argue

Love today, to hate tomorrow

Hate today, to love tomorrow


Love covers all.

Hate involves the totality

Love sees no imperfection

Hate spots all the imperfections.


Love is loud

Hate is silent, yet very impactful

Love builds, hate destroys

Love heals, hate is cancerous

Love is sweet, hate is bitter


Love is blind, hate is eagle-eyed, picking the negatives

Love is in the heart, hate is in the head

Love makes the world go round

Hate stagnates the world