It is 2013. It is no news!
I read somewhere that there is actually nothing particularly different between December of a year and the January that follows. As in there is no difference in transiting from October to November or from November to December in a year.

To be truthful there may not be any difference, however, January offers us the opportunity to wipe the slate and start our journey again on a clean level. So we give ourselves a new beginning. We throw overboard all the hurts, failures, disappointment etc of the previous month or year behind us and look forward to starting of new things in our lives. So we always approach the new year with resolutions of how we want to make amends, pursue new dreams, achieve new goals in the new year. It offers us the opportunity to right the wrongs and makeup with people we have rightly or wrongly “offended” in the previous year. This is to me is the essence of the New Year.

Therefore in this new year and a new month, I wish all my readers a new beginning.  I promise you will read more of creative me in this year.