Trump In, Obama Out, As Power Changes Hands, by Morakinyo Babajide-Alabi
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Trump In, Obama Out, As Power Changes Hands

by Morakinyo Babajide-Alabi

It is just a few hours before Mr Donald Trump is sworn in as the 45th President of the United States of America. Officially today, Trump would become the most powerful man in the world. Well … we have been led to believe that whoever occupies the seat of the president of the US is the most powerful individual in the world. 

This assumption of being very powerful has led to concerns in various quarters on the personality of Trump and the office he is about to take over. Many wonder if Trump has the stability and capability to occupy this office. Folks, it is too late to wonder right now.

The Americans made their choice in a clear vote two months back in history. Judging by a section of the populace, they care less if Trump’s presidency was not elected on popular vote or being tainted by the allegations of Russia’s help. They see a messiah in Trump, just like the African-American population saw in President Barrack Obama some eight years ago. It is a flip of the coin.

However, we cannot pretend to assume that the Trump Presidency will only affect the people of America. No. This is why everybody in the world right now is talking about the man Trump and the US Presidency. We cannot condemn the panic going on what the presidency will deliver to world peace. This is predicated on the antics and history of the man Donald Trump.

As he mounts the stage today to be sworn in as the president, there will definitely be a change. The question is, how positively or negatively will his presidency affect the already divided country? It is no secret that, rather than heal, the United States is more divided on race line than ever before in its history. While racism has always been subtly displayed hitherto, it has been elevated to an art now.

It is on record, and officially, that no elections has divided the country as the 2016 exercise won by the about to be sworn in Trump. The presidential candidate of the Republican Party played on the growing sentiments against immigrants, especially on the backdrop that the incumbent was an African-American whom many of the white population believed had not done much to progress the country.

As we usher in Donald Trump, the Americans will also be saying goodbye to an era. The first African-American President Barrack Obama will be quitting the stage after 8 years in charge of the country. It has not been an easy journey for the soon to be former President. Right from the word GO, the Republican Party members sworn to making life very difficult for Obama by blocking all his policies.

If Obama or his fellow Democrats had thought their opponents were joking about blocking his policies, they were in for surprise. Throughout his 8 year in office, he struggled pushing his policies through. The most notable and which would have been the most impactful of his policies – the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (popularly referred to as the Obamacare) was “violently” opposed. Till today, the Obamacare has continued to be a subject of discussion on the viability and advantages.

It is no surprise that the incoming administration of Trump has vowed that the first official duty on resumption would be to repeal the Obamacare Act. Trump made this a subject in all of his  campaigns pre-elections in 2016.

To many, repealing the Obamacare Act is more or less like writing off the eight years of the Obama administration. It is disheartening because many Americans believe Obama’s plans for a good health plan for the low, middle and vulnerable classes were not in doubt. I believe a great percentage of Americans realise this, but the division in the polity has blinded them to the reality.

However, no one can take away the Obama shine. Alongside Michelle, the First Family brought class and panache to the office of the President. The family, including the two daughters, showed Americans and the world what dignity is. They are loved all over the world. 

It is sad, but the reality, is that no family, not even the Trumps can dignify the White House the way the Obamas did in their eight years in there. The American public will miss the Obama family. The world at large will miss the Obama family.

So long, the Obamas.






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