“I am a Yank, Give Me a Semi”


Have you been following the gun debate in the United States of America? Gun issue in the states has been going on for as long as I can remember. Growing up  in a sleepy town in those days I can recollect wondering what it would be living in a country where I can easily walk into a store and buy any gun I desire. This was when, as young ones, we get toy plastic guns as Christmas presents. These were days when you carve wood into gun shape and pretend to be shooting enemies lurking around corners. The desire to use the carved “gun” was usually heightened after reading a James Hadley Chase novel. Many atimes you fantasize being the “bad boy” in the novel and want to replicate the deeds of the “bad boy.”

Thank God. I was thousands of miles aways from the United States of America. I have heard many Nigerians argue that citizens should be allowed to own and use guns freely. I laughed most times I read this. Recently there was an arguement that if every Nigerian has access to gun, there will be less misgovernance in the country. A notable Nigerian argued that having guns will bring down the rate of corruption in Nigeria. I still cannot fathom how the ownership of guns and corruption or mismanagement of economy are related.

Anyway, let us go back to the American gun issue. I am alarmed that the argument of Americans on ownership of guns is not that citizens cannot own guns, but to take away the semi automatic ones. The campaign is to legislate against individuals having military style guns. And you wonder what does an individual need with a semi automatic. These are killing machines. Are they planning to go to war?

I commend you all to watch the programme “First 48 Hours”. It is aired on the Crime Investigation Network. You will see how much destruction guns do wreck. Do I need say this? In this programme, you see Americans shooting each other for the “littlest of  shit”. I know its been argued that it is not only gun that kill. We have blades, knives etc. They all can be lethal, I agree.

I love United Kingdom. There is tight gun control in the country. There are instances of gang shooting, mugging, stab-related murders, but not as staggering as it is in the United States.






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