Why Do I Feel More Natural With Him Than You?

Sometimes you wake up to some mundane thoughts that if not “controlled” can end up determining the course of the day. So when after my quiet time this morning a nagging question came up.

I suddenly found myself trying to find answer to the question “Why do we relate better with some people than others?” I believe most of us have been in this situation before where we meet people and immediately connect with them whereas we meet others and no matter the effort we put in just will NEVER click with them.

And by extension most of us have been in relationships that we just drift apart naturally. You discover that what initially bound you together was not strong any more to keep the fire burning.

People define relationships by their terms. It may seem natural to one of the parties while to the other it may be exploitative, disrespectful or outright uncalled for. Yes. We do get involved with people and later realise their goals in the relationships are completely exploitative and selfish.

This makes me query “What do you do?” “Do you continue in the relationship to be exploited or you pull out?” We however need bear in mind that we tend to see relationships in our own eyes not with the eye of who is in it with us.

Do we sometimes not expect a while lot too much from relationships? In this wise what should be natural is now enforced.
These are my initial thoughts. I shall expand and write more on this subject as the day goes by. Time now for a strong cup of Expresso.






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