Your Vision is Your Vision … Let No Man Destroy

How many times have we heard that you do not put your “vision” in the hands of just anybody? Your vision is your God given purpose in life, therefore has to be guarded as jealously as you can. Let me make a clarification here that the vision I am talking about here is not the “visual” although in one way the two can be linked.

In the most simple words, vision is what you have envisioned in your head of how you want “certain things” to play out. It may be your career, your business, family or your life generally. We all have visions. These visions are what propel us into success. Without a vision a man perishes.

However, it’s generally known that no individual can run his/her vision all alone. One way or the other there has to be inputs from other individuals. These individuals are most times God-sent to make the vision a reality. These God- sent men/women have no other agenda than to help propel your vision to reality. They rarely think of themselves in the scene of things. All they are concerned with is the success of your vision. They work tirelessly, putting in resources they do not expect rewards from. We have examples of these types of men/women in modern days – in businesses, churches etc. These are selfless individuals whose mission is the success of someone’s vision.

Unfortunately, these type of individuals are rare. In churches, businesses nowadays we see many individuals who pretend to run visions with the visioners but are more reward/selfish motivated. These are the devil-sent vision helpers. While some pretend to be the best disciple/worker in the vision, they are actually there for the purpose of suppressing the vision. Unfortunately they are the most vocal, they offer the “best” advises, they are the closest to the visioner. It is ironic that they are always regarded as the best in the “house”.

These individuals have their set agendas. They cannot accept “the” vision more than a vision. So as the vision unfolds, they realise it may be getting too big for their “plans”. And what is the plan? To ensure the vision do not take off finally. They get “pained” at the success the vision is making. To them, no further plans should be made towards the success of the vision. So the vision has to be derailed.

In conclusion, while we need people to drive our visions, we need be careful who we entrust them with. Not everybody who profess to be helpful are really helpful. Some are vision “limiters”. And when they have accomplished their mission they turn their backs on you.







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