Com’on Baba Suwe, lets have it!

Its so many days after the Nigerian Nollywood actor, Babatunde Omidina was arrested by the National Drug Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) on the suspicions of drug possession “with intent” to export to France. I sympathise with Baba Suwe. Not because of his arrest, but torture the NDLEA officials are putting him through, insisting on him doing his “poo” in public, while experts use thin combs to go through every inch of his “poo” looking for “dangerous” substance that was picked up by the Xray machine.

Now, this Baba Suwe case is getting ridiculous and out of hand for the NDLEA. I think it is high time someone or some people lose their jobs in the agency, as a result of this disgraceful act of arrest, interrogation and “poo” screening. It has exposed the agency staff as a set of nincompoops who have little or no idea of what they are employed to do.

Let us for the sake of argument agree that Baba Suwe mistakenly swallowed some wraps of cocaine. The machine at the airport picked the wraps in the corner of his intestine while he was to “escape” to France to “deliver” the wraps. In a matter of minutes the story was all over the news network that a popular Nigerian Nollywood actor has been arrested for drug possession. In most of these stories, Nigeria was described as haven of drug paddlers, and a country of wealthy people with no real source of income.

No thanks to the “sleep walking” officials of NDLEA. Now the embarrassment is too much after so many days, Baba Suwe has “refused” to “shit” out the wraps of cocaine. Not that he did not do the needed toilet. He did, but he out of the ordinary, just “managed” not to excrete the wraps of cocaine. And an official of the NDLEA who I suspected is very low in intelligence and common sense told the media that “Baba Suwe will not be released until he excretes four times.”

And earlier this morning a not so intelligient statement came from the Director General of the Agency that  “Baba Suwe is very innocent until proven guilty as he has not excreted any drug at the moment, we are observing” . While he said the agency “will apologize to ‘Baba Suwe’ if it turns out he does not excrete any drug thought to have been in his stomach”.

Apology or no apology, what this Baba Suwe’s case has shown to us that the NDLEA is being run exactly as Nigeria – No Clue.






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