No “bones” in the “expensive shit” – Nollywood Actor still detained

Reports coming in from the NDLEA office in Lagos, Nigeria where the Nollywood actor, Tunde Omidiran is being held confirmed that he had done the much “Expensive Shit” but no drug was found.
No drugs were found?

The NDLEA officials are reported to still be optimistic that Omidiran will still “throw up” the drugs identified by the body scanner on Wednesday night. It is now a case of “wait and see” patience. Will he do it? Will he not?

At the same time, the health of “Baba Suwe” should be of utmost importance now. It is known that if actually he has cocaine wrapped up in his system, he is at great risk, should the wrappers burst.

The NDLEA officials should therefore go a step further, for Omidiran’s sake, induce him to force the “shit” down. They should get him two diluted cups of “Movicol”. Thus will get him started. If still struggling with the “shit” get him to eat “peppersoup”.

All these are for his own sake. If Baba Suwe actually has got the drugs in him there is the possibility of him hoping the wrappers will burst and kill him, so as not to go through the shame of spending quality time in prison.

How I wish he could just get this done with and let’s know the “score” of what he’s got.
Anyway, I have refused to a story credited to Baba Suwe’s lawyer that he (Baba Suwe) mistakenly swallowed the drugs. No, that is “bullshit”. How come he mistakenly swallowed them? Did he mistake them for “fufu” or “eba”?

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