Developing News:- Defence Secretary, Liam Fox resigns

Liam Fox. Photo: Channel 4 News

By James Andrews | Yahoo! News

Liam Fox has resigned from his position as Secretary of State for Defence, following the row about hisfriend Adam Werrity.

Over the last week pressure has intensified on the minister over the role Werrity had in his official Government work – despite not holding an official position.

In his letter to the Prime Minister, Fox admitted he had “mistakenly allowed the distinction between my personal interest and my government activities to become blurred”.

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The relationship between the pair has been in the spotlight for weeks, with fresh revelations coming almost daily about Werrity’s role in the Defence Secretary’s work.

The most serious allegations are that Werrity, who was best man at Fox’s wedding, acted as an adviser to Fox and had business cards printed describing himself as such, despite not holding an official position in either the Civil Service or the Conservative party.

Other revelations include the fact Werrity had met with Fox during 18 of his overseas ministerial trips and visited the Ministry of Defence on at least 22 occasions.

However, until today Dr Fox had seemed determined to hold on to his position and David Cameron had refused to remove him until the full facts had emerged and been properly considered.

Fox claimed previously that the meetings were the result of their friendship and had not influenced government policy, as such he felt it would be wrong to step down from a position of importance when he didn’t feel he had done anything wrong.

This has now changed, and in a letter to the Prime Minister Fox said: “I have always placed a great deal of importance on accountability and responsibility. As I said in the House of Commons on Monday, I mistakenly allowed the distinction between my personal interest and my Government activities to become blurred. The consequences of this have become clearer in recent days. I am very sorry for this.

“I have also repeatedly said that the national interest must always come before personal interest. I now have to hold myself to my own standard. I have therefore decided, with great sadness, to resign from my post as Secretary of State for Defence – a position which I have been immensely proud and honoured to have held.”

The Prime Minister said he was “very sorry” Fox had resigned, adding: “But I understand your reasons.”

Culled from: http://uk.news.yahoo.com/defence-secretary-liam-fox-resigns.html






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