Nollywood, cocaine & fading stars – Baba Suwe

Tunde Omidina (Baba Suwe) Photo: Vanguard

If you are a follower of the Nigerian Nollywood world, you are most probably familiar with the popular actor called “Baba Suwe”, real name – Babatunde Omidina.  He was (is) the “ace” of the Yoruba movies in Nigeria. Married to another Nollywood star, Baba Suwe was in the early 2000s a household name in the country.

But that is not the news.  As we were about going to bed on this part of the world on Wednesday, news filtered in that  Baba Suwe has been held at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Lagos by officials of National Drug Law Enforcement Agency on the suspicions of “carrying”, meaning “pushing” or better still plans to export substances believed to be cocaine – a Class A drug. It was not confirmed at that time. However, it is no breaking news any more. It is now an “Established News”.

Baba Suwe was reported to be travelling to France for the naming ceremony of a friend, where he was to be the Master of Ceremony. But man proposed, God disposes, as the cliché goes.  He was stopped at the Airport as the body scanner revealed a suspicious package in his body.  I can imagine what his countenance would be after being found out. Did he try to laugh his way out of his situation?

Baba Suwe is reported to still be in the custody of the NDLEA, waiting for him to excrete the hard drugs. This, process Fela would have dubbed Expensive Shit.

What our compatriots do to make money is serious business. How long do you think he is going to cool his heels behind the bars if he is found guilty. Your guess is as good as mine. I have no atom of pity for Baba Suwe. Here is a guy not doing badly career wise, and making money, but when brothers live above their means, they resort to many dirty deals.

I am certain Baba Suwe is not the only high profile individual involved, he is just the one that has been caught now. Will tomorrow reveal more? I pray it does, because the society will be better off with individuals such as these behind bars.






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